Letter to the Editor: Writer won’t support manipulation

I am a native Sussex Countian, born and raised. As a resident of the 3rd District, I am extremely concerned about the overdevelopment of the eastern part of the county. Being from a farm family in the northeastern part of the county, I am tired of seeing farmland wiped out and trees felled to make room for another housing development. I have told council that they are destroying our quality of life.

If Mark Schaeffer becomes the 3rd District’s representative to County Council, I believe that this is only going to get worse. His campaign is primarily funded by developers, contractors, construction companies, etc. Why would these types of businesses finance his campaign?

I do not trust Mark Schaeffer. He, at the very least, misled the voters. Prior to the primary, he said that incumbent I.G. Burton had increased the taxes of the residents and would do so again. The only new tax that I knew about was a lodging tax on hotels. I contacted Councilman Burton and also verified it with the Sussex County administrative offices. The only new tax in the last four years has been a lodging tax on hotels in unincorporated areas, a tax on people staying in hotels in the county not within a town’s or city’s limit. This money is to be used for beach replenishment, dredging, etc. Obviously, it is not the residents of the county who are paying this tax.

I do not like to be misled or manipulated. I hope that you feel the same way and will consider writing in Patti Drago for the 3rd District. After a conversation with Patti, I believe that she is also concerned about overdevelopment and will best represent the values that we hold close to our hearts. Please consider Patti for this position. For more information about Patti and how to write her in on the ballot, go to pattidrago.com.

Adele L. Jones