Letter to the Editor: You’ve got to hand it to Trump

Good or bad, Trump hangs on. Sometimes, his answers are crass, even brazen. And no, he does not know how to filter his words.

But you’ve got to hand it to him. President Trump takes his lumps and keeps on moving.

He deserves credit for trying to make America great again and for trying to put God back in his proper place as head of our nation. He’s tried to halt illegal immigration and has helped our country through a dreadful pandemic.

There are those who feel otherwise, and I respectfully agree to disagree, but it is without argument that Trump was labeled and bullied even before he took office. I am not politically inclined, but even a blind man can see that President Trump has been dished out a lion’s share of political manure. He just scrapes it off his plate and keeps on walking.

I’m sure he will keep on walking through the political dung during this election year and, good or bad, will continue putting one foot after the other. And, should his steps lead him out of office or not, it’s time to clean up the congressional manure, as well.Vote them out, start fresh and limit their terms. In short, give credit where it is due and carry a shovel to the polls this year.

Debbie Hilton