Letter to the Editor:Women’s March Sussex-DE endorses Biden

At this critical time in our nation’s history, when we are faced with a barrage of significant challenges, including a possible collapse of our economy fueled by a public health crisis, strong leadership is essential. That is why Women’s March Sussex-DE is endorsing former Vice President Joseph Biden for president in the upcoming election.

Vice President Biden has a long history of public service, starting as a senior U.S. senator from Delaware. Throughout his tenure in Congress, he has chaired several committees, including the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee. He has always fought for the middle class and played an important role in the introduction and passing of major legislation over the years to improve the lives of the working class.

Joe Biden believes that our country was built by the American middle class, not by hedge fund managers, and that anything is possible in America if we work at it. He believes in hard work, the importance of virtue, having a moral compass and Americans pulling together toward a common goal. Joe Biden says that we must “restore the soul of America” by making the right choices in this next election and assuring the restoration of our working system of checks and balances within government. Currently, our systems of health, justice, education and economics are all being simultaneously eroded. This broad system collapse has long-term negative societal implications that can impact this country for decades to come. If we want to save our republic as designed for true experimentation, innovation and growth, we must act now.

To thwart this ongoing negative decline experienced by Americans who care about realizing true democracy in real time in the United States, we need a serious, experienced leader in this country, someone who can speak truth to the American people, repair what is currently broken in this country, restore decency, morality and fair play within our government, fix our relationships with all international allies, and place us on a positive path to be a respected leader of the free world, as well as one of the most powerful. To accomplish this, we need a person of courage and competence who can rally Americans to a unified cause and can lead our nation forward. We need someone who understands the importance of science, laws, education, working governmental systems and norms, international partners and allies, and the art of negotiation. For all these reasons, we, Women’s March Sussex-DE, wholeheartedly endorse Joseph Biden for president.

Dr. Denise A. Davis
Board member, Women’s March Sussex-DE