Speak Out: Complaint filed over GOP contributions

The Delaware Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Department of Elections alleging that “anti-worker dark money is trying to buy” state Senate seats. In a release, the party accused businessman Chris Kenny of illegally coordinating with three Republican state senators and “single-handedly trying to buy the Delaware State Senate” for the GOP. Financial records show that, since the start of 2019, Mr. Kenny, his ShopRite supermarket chain and a free-market advocacy group he founded have contributed at least $437,000 combined to Republican campaigns and independent committees aimed at boosting GOP candidates.

(Editor’s note: Delaware’s election commissioner rejected the complaint filed by the Democratic Party.)

• They will have to buy an awful lot of seats to give Republicans control of the Senate! – Philip L Puschel

• The best of the Republican Party died with John McCain and now they have sunk to the lowest of lows. – Rick Reed

• Can someone tally up all the out of state dark money that has come in for both parties? Then start measuring and comparing. – Dave Fisher

• Tell us again how the Democrats of Delaware bought up land through various agencies (such as DelDOT) and sold it to their friends at a huge loss, only for their friends to slap it right back on the market at three times what Delaware originally bought it for. – Ashley Reynolds

Unemployment rate keeps dropping

Delaware’s unemployment rate dropped for the fourth straight month but still far exceeds the unemployment level from one year ago. As of last month, 8.2% of Delawareans in the labor force were out of work. That’s down from 15.9% in May but more than twice the September 2019 rate of 3.9%, according to data released by the Delaware Department of Labor on Friday. Nationally, the jobless rate declined from 8.4% to 7.9% from August to September. It was 3.5% one year ago. Approximately 40,400 job-seeking residents of the First State were not employed in September.

• Open the state, and those numbers will drop. “Help wanted” signs all over the place. — Faye Wing

• There are jobs out there. Only problem is some people don’t want to work now or they only want to work part time, so it doesn’t interfere with unemployment. — Julie Moore Graden

• Republican propaganda lie. America’s economy is in the toilet. Why is it when Republicans inherit a booming economy from a Democratic president, they turn it into crap every time? — Susan Janis