Speak Out: Trump visits Kenosha

President Donald Trump stood at the epicenter of the latest eruption over racial injustice Tuesday and came down squarely on the side of law enforcement, blaming “domestic terror” for the violence in Kenosha and making no nod to the underlying cause of anger and protests — the shooting of a yet another Black man by police.

• Democratic leaders let their base burn down their cities. Then when it starts the affect the poll numbers they blame it all on Trump. – Ryan Fenimore

• The only cities that have tons of destruction were those in the path of Hurricane Laura. – John Smith

 • So, it’s considered a “riot” if people are out past curfew. Sorry bro, these aren’t the sundown towns your used to. – Eddie Curley

• Peacuful protests. That’s how the country works. This is why women have the right to vote and lots of other things got changed. – Ellen Behringer
• I think a lot of people lump the bad guys with the peaceful protestors … two totally different agendas. People missing the difference are missing out on the message of the peaceful protestors. I don’t believe everything BLM organization stands for, but I’m all for the statement that Black Lives Matter. – Arthur DelRio Downes II

• Trump’s rhetoric and division of the U.S. threads back to Russia. Just what does Putin have on him ? And why hasn’t Trump called out the paid attacks on our soldiers?– Joanne Harris Herrick

• Looting and rioting against businesses that have nothing in common with the abuse is wrong. So is shooting someone seven times in the back because he may have had a knife and was going to his car. In other countries, they know how to flatten tires, make roadblocks and stop people without shooting them. – John Smit

• Should KKK be considered domestic terrorists and should be treated as such? What do you think? Again, not looking through a political lens, but a human safety lens. – Kristin Froehlich