Lynn: Anderson ran ‘clean, issues-based campaign’

Today is the day after the elections, and as I try to digest the events leading up to today, and try to learn from my failures and successes, and the many ups and downs of running for re-election (and there are many hard and stressful times during a campaign for even local political offices), I keep coming back to the same theme — that in order for someone to “win”, someone else had to “lose” — that is unfortunate truth inherent in our electoral system. It is in that spirit that I write to give credit to, and thank, my opponent, Councilman David Anderson.

Sean Lynn

David and I have been friends for more than a decade, and in that time I have learned, and been shown, that in his heart David is a good and decent man. I am, and always have been, proud to be his friend. While I don’t always agree with his ideology, I have never doubted the purity of his conviction to make our mutual home a better place.

David ran a clean, issues-based campaign, devoid of the negativity and personal attacks that seem to have malignantly spread throughout our political discourse. It was a campaign that his wife, children, family, friends and supporters should be proud of. As always, I look forward to working with Councilman Anderson as we work together to make Dover prosper.

As we turn the page and look to the future, I write to also thank the residents of the city of Dover, and the 31st District, for returning me to office and for their continued faith and support. It shall not be forgotten. As always, I shall endeavor to live up to the confidence my neighbors have placed in me, and will do my best to make our home a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

All my best,
Rep. Sean Lynn

EDITOR’S NOTE: Democrat Sean Lynn won re-election over Republican David Anderson for the 31st Representative District seat in the Delaware General Assembly.

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