Merry Christmas: Real Meaning of the Great Day

Editor’s note: The following Christmas message appeared in the Delaware State News in December 1931.

In researching the early years of the Delaware State News, we found a reprint of it in the Wilmington Morning News. For more on Christmas editions past, see today’s “From the Editor” column.

For the Delaware State News, 1931

For many people this Yuletide greeting will sound like a hollow mockery just now.

There will be those who will say we cannot afford gifts and presents so we shall have no Christmas this year.

To people of that temper of mind, I would commend the reading of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol.” Better still I would suggest they read, mark and inwardly digest the story of the birth of Christ as it appears in the second chapter of the Gospel according to St. Luke.

For people who know the real meaning of Christmas I venture to assert the Birthday of the Saviour will come with more than the usual joy this season.

It will be kept by them in a way nearer the real Christmas spirit than has been possible for a number of years past. In the days of past prosperity, our keeping of Christmas has become more burdened with the exchange of elaborate gifts to all sorts of people.

The season has become commercialized to a degree that was in danger of crowding out its real meaning. The angels did not promise to the cold and traveling shepherds that each one would have a new and comfortable garment and the stockings of their children would be filled with attractive toys.

The promise was of the birth of one who should bring two men that life and power which should equip them to meet the troubles and temptations of life with a conquering spirit.

That is precisely what we need today that we may look at the wreck of things about us with that same courage and determination. He whose birthday we keep taught his disciples to carry into the battle of life and the conquest of the world.

Listen again to the angels message:

“Fear not; for behold I bring you good things of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is a born this day in the City of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord.”

To those who crave to understand the deeper meanings of life, to those are heart hungry for the evidence of God‘s love, to those who travail and are heavy laden and seek the rest and refreshment God alone can give, this message will come gain with its promise and assurance at a time greatly needed.

My hope for you is that this may be your attitude and so I wish you with all sincerity and assurance a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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