More dental facilities needed in Delaware

A family member recently had to go out of the state to get their teeth pulled and get partials.

The one quote we wer given was $17,000. The lowest we got was $9,000. Dental insurance is not an option for a lot of people and on a lot of plans, it doesn’t cover what has to be done.

South Carolina has a dental clinic that does very excellent work and is very affordable. A little over $3,000 was awesome. Tell me why we have to travel so far to get work done? And you wonder why people walk around with no teeth?

If we can get a dental clinic here in Dover or in Kent County, people would come here from out of state, stay in our hotels and spend money here while their loved one is getting the help they need.

Come on Delaware, let’s do something good and give us what we really need!

Nancy Buckle

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