Letter to the Editor: No means no for Indian River School District referendums

How many Indian River school district referendums do we need to go through to convince them that NO means NO.

This past February the citizens voted No on that referendum and now three months later they are back again with the same redundant request. We voted no then and hopefully the voters will vote no again.

Is the intent to keep hammering us over and over again until we give up out of frustration and don’t show up to vote and thus this thing passes? Fixed income senior citizens like me budget very carefully to make ends meet and over and over again somebody or some thing arises to either take or request more money to fund whatever. I’m 75 and too damn old to pick up and move again but if I were younger I’d be out of here.

This relentless hammering through referendum after referendum has got to stop. We voted no in February and hopefully the same Sussex voters will vote no again and keep these leaches at bay. Stop with it already and hire someone who knows how to formulate a sensible and accurate budget whereas these constant referendums won’t be necessary. It’s bordering on brainwashing for heaven’s sake. Please stop this constant referendum merry-go-round!

Dave Rhodes


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