LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nothing sane about Iran peace agreement

Return to Sanity? I think not.

There’s seldom a time when I’m left speechless, but the recent editorial from Daniel Pritchett [“Iran agreement is a return to sanity,” Opinion, Aug. 19] almost achieved that. I cannot fathom the depths of socialist logic, but to link Jimmy Carter’s liver cancer to the treasonous agreement made by John Kerry and Barack Obama takes some mental agility.

I will concede, however, that he grouped the two most useless presidents this country has ever had.

Mr. Pritchett, like most of his liberal friends, is intent on rewriting history. For those of you too young to have lived that era, you need to understand that his vaunted Camp David Accord was simply a joke. Much like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize award before he’d ever done anything, the award given to Carter, Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin was almost laughable. The agreement itself was so bad that even the liberal Xanadu of the United Nations roundly condemned it.

There was a serious bit of history missing that you should be aware of.

All of this was precipitated by the Six Day War. In 1967, an Arab union of Egypt, Syria and Jordan was formed to destroy Israel. It took six days for Israel to humiliate those three countries and to surround the entire Egyptian force along the Suez Canal.

After a U.S.-brokered peace agreement, both Syrians and Palestinians fled the Palestine homeland with Israel assuming control. The defeat was so totally humiliating that many claimed that then-president Gamal Abdel Nasser subsequently suffered a stress-related fatal heart attack.

That tenuous accord lay festering up until 1973 when Egypt, trying to reclaim land along the Suez Canal, invaded Israel on the Jewish most holy day, Yom Kippur. Then-president Anwar Sadat again joined forces with Syria and tried to reclaim the Suez Canal. Though early victories emboldened their mission to drive into Israel, Israeli forces regrouped, stopped the advance, and then, reversed the tides.

Within two weeks, the Arab alliance had been devastated and Egypt once again humiliated. That so frightened Sadat to the point of relishing Carter’s idea and he eagerly agreed. Begin was never convinced but with pressure from the U.S. and in establishing peace for his people, he signed on.

Flash forward to Iran. This is the country that Carter sold out the shah and orchestrated the return of the ayatollah.

His first actions were to overrun the U.S. Embassy and took 52 hostages and held them until one hour after Carter was replaced by Ronald Reagan.

John Kerry has led a traitorous life. Impugning every Vietnam veteran with his lies before Congress, he’s secretly accommodated Iranian and Muslim demands orchestrated by Obama. We’ve yet to hear the specifics of “side deals” made, as well, but we do know that the Iranians wasted no time in breaking their promises by schmoozing up to the Russian government to attain arms.

Kerry should have been in prison rather than in a secretariat position.

And Mr. Pritchett thinks this is a return to “sanity”? I guess I’d just as soon be in an asylum if I found anything sane about giving an avowed enemy to peace and accord three weeks’ prior notice to an inspection of nuclear facilities.

George Roof

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