LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama’s inactions fueling Trump’s reactions

President Obama’s consistent course of inaction concerning America’s national security has fueled the fires of outrage in America. Donald Trump is an anti-political outsider who has ignited the flame of dissension throughout America — both pro and con.

The Washington, D.C., political pundits cannot comprehend the Trump leadership poll numbers and wonder when and if these numbers will fade and fall. Will Trump withstand the pressures of a complete political campaign? To date, and to everyone’s surprise, Trump continues to sustain the Republican leadership position. No one is able to predict the outcome of the Trump phenomenon. The Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio, will endeavor to solve this dilemma. Many months remain prior to this event, and polls rise and fall like the wind. Time will tell.

Donald Trump has pierced a nerve of dissatisfaction throughout our country. People do not like the way our beloved country is being run by weak leadership and apologetic Washington, D.C., politicians. Hence, someone like Trump emerges and states what many Americans are thinking but unable to verbalize. Political correctness will raise its ugly head and stifle the truth.

President Obama’s consistent inconsistency is troubling for America. His inability to call Islamic radical militants, both foreign and domestic, “Terrorists” is not realistic. Other countries are viewing America dissolve in influence throughout the world due to these failures.

When our FBI and all other law-enforcement agencies and military commanders can see the gravest danger to our homeland and the current so-called Commander-in-Chief does not have a modicum of vision, [it] is inexcusable.

The recent San Bernardino, Calif., massacre was indeed organized and carried out by Islamic radical militants, not workplace violence. WPV is obviously wrong. However, WPV should stand for “We prefer veracity.” The transparency methods devised and instituted by the Obama Administration are not working.

A perfect example of this failure is the United States ignoring an immediate response to the two launches of Iranian missiles being executed and our president most hesitant to caution them appropriately in fear of endangering and jeopardizing the “Munich”-status nuclear treaty proudly signed and executed by Secretary of State “Big” John Kerry.

We would not like to embarrass the U.S. participants of this Iranian “Deal of the Century.” The Iranians will push the envelope at every opportunity to continue uninhibited their ultimate nuclear plans — treaty or no treaty!

Donald Trump is the antithesis of Barack Obama … outspoken, irreverent, straight-talking, candid, with political correctness be damned.

As the Republican presidential candidate choice is many months away, DT certainly has set a new format of political competition. In his own way, he has cleared a new path, or [one is] beginning to be implemented in political agendas. The other competing presidential participants might consider taking a page from the “Book of Trump” and see how they progress with their own public appeal, approval and acceptance.

With the current plummeting polls for some candidates, it might be well worth their efforts. It might help the single-digit participants currently in place. They now have nowhere to go but up. Well worth the shot!

May God bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan

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