LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Presidential race signals rough times ahead

OK, I get it. You are upset by the mess in Washington, and you don’t like politicians, or the politics-as-usual crowd. But have you looked closely at Donald Trump? We didn’t screen the Democratic candidate in 2008, and look at the result. Because you are understandably irked by a government that doesn’t work, doesn’t mean that Donald Trump can fix it, or that he is fit to be president of the United States.

Mr. Trump is not a “conservative.” Core conservative beliefs are small government and low taxes, and adherence to the Constitution. The Donald has no history of fighting for these goals. He has backed big-government politicians, and contributed a fortune to their election and causes.

Mr. Trump is also not a “liberal” (or progressive, or whatever they are calling themselves these days). Core liberal beliefs [include] building a safety net for the needy. Certainly, he has not crusaded for the poor and downtrodden or their causes. He has not used his fortune, as have Bill Gates and others, to help those less fortunate.

People who want to believe that Mr. Trump is an honest man who speaks his mind ignore his admission that “I am capable of changing into anyone I want to.” People who want someone who will stand up for America ignore his praise of murderous enemies of America like Assad and Putin, and his hiring of illegals, or his involvement in sending American jobs overseas.

People are entitled to change their minds, but it is rare for anyone to (1) totally abandon all previous positions across the board on partial-birth abortion, single-payer health insurance, immigration, etc. [Also, he] (2) waffled on David Duke before the Super Tuesday — heavily Southern — primaries, and (3) said he will make Mexico pay for a wall, an absurdity. Trump has not even tried to dispel the fears that he is a cynic and charlatan.

The Donald is demonstrably a man of low character — crude and petty. I believe that I know more Yiddish than he does, and his comments about Hillary’s loss in 2008 were indeed obscene. Since then, of course, his language has degenerated, and he has now used understandable dirty words in English! Imagine a president whose press conferences are rated too indecent for young children!

Similarly, by his boycott of a debate because he didn’t like a newscaster, his demeaning comments about the heroism of John McCain and others,

Trump gives us a smarmy view on how he will lead our country. Imagine a president even more contemptuous of the restraint of the U.S. Constitution than the present occupant of the White House. Hillary, his party’s embarrassingly dishonest successor, is no better, and who is sworn to continue its destructive legacy. And Trump’s negatives will drive her campaign possibly right into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.!

Yes, I get it. You are upset by the mess in Washington, and career politicians. Again, you have a point, but tremble about the damage Donald Trump, or Hillary, for that matter, can do to our country. Yes, it can get worse!

Larry Koch

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