Re-elect Blunt Rochester

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester is fighting for our senior citizens here in Delaware. She has been fighting for our seniors for many years. The economic struggles of the past few years, have been particularly hard on our seniors, many of whom live on fix income in this state.

Congresswoman Blunt Rochester is committed to protecting the programs that seniors rely on, such as Medicare and Social Security. Congress created Social Security as a promise to all American seniors that they or their love one would have a source of income when they retired. Congresswoman Blunt Rochester opposes all efforts to privatize Social Security and put seniors at risk financially.

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester is opposed to any kind of budget that would end the Medicare guarantee and turn Medicare into a voucher system, which would shift costs to the seniors. Turning Medicare for seniors over to the private insurance companies would ultimately cost the senior’s more money.

She continues to support working families here in Delaware by voting against Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017. She stated that her reason why was “because most of tax cuts went to the rich and the bill did not reflect the needs of all Delawareans. This shows Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester is concern for all families in the state of Delaware.

This is why I support Lisa Blunt Rochester U.S. Congress.

David W. Mazur

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