Letter to the Editor: Regarding PETA’s meat and dairy ‘sin tax’ suggestion

Regarding the letter sent by PETA on the ‘sin tax’ for meat and dairy sales.

I recently spoke to a fictitious character on this matter whose insights I thought should be shared in response to the article. PETA suggested scientific data that for the sake of this conversation will be assumed true. It was observed that in the interest of furthering PETA’s agenda, the State of Delaware should loosen current hunting restrictions to allow for the efficient harvesting of more deer.

As the goal is to increase a vegan lifestyle and thus help fend off global warming, it only makes sense that we seek to provide the best agricultural environment possible. Deer are a plague on crops and even rip up tree bark. Fewer deer would mean healthier crops and healthier forests, leastwise, the forests that aren’t cut down to make room for agriculture.

Furthermore, the deer could be eaten which might ease the transition to a more vegan lifestyle while not requiring any of the harmful mass-production necessary for the more common meats.

Ryan Yoder

El Ejido, Spain

(Formerly of Dover)

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