Scenic Delaware: Changing times?

Legislation announced Monday seeks to avoid Daylight Savings Time by moving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania one time zone over. The measure would, under certain conditions, shift Delaware from the Eastern to the Atlantic time zone, effectively placing the state in Daylight Savings Time permanently by setting the clocks forward one hour.

• They tried that back in the early 70s. Children were walking and waiting in the dark for school. Some children were hurt crossing roads so they ditched it after one year Why try it again? It still will be pitch black at 630-7 in morning. — Judith Mitchel Cleaver

• The way the bell schedules are now, most kids get on the bus in the dark regardless. — Samie Lee

• If we have to pick one or the other, yes I think DST year round is better than standard year round since staying on standard year round would mean 4 a.m. sunrises in the summer and then sunsets an hour earlier. But why the sudden uproar over changing clocks twice a year? It’s really not a big deal. I think the current system makes sense. — Phil Ticknor

• Not quite 4 a.m. sunrises, that’s a stretch. DST really offers nothing other than an exchange of perception. It’s been instituted for so long that the majority of us are used to it and don’t question it, but we don’t actually gain anything from it. — Ian Kowalewski

• Delaware should set an example and do it anyway. Sorry to say I still don’t see it happening. One could only wish. — Lisa Reedy Olechny

• I wonder why Virginia isn’t included in this. I mean Delaware isn’t just part of Maryland or Pennsylvania. It’s part of Delmarva, meaning Virgnia should have a say in this too, right? What if you live in a part of Maryland that’s also considered the Virginia area like Arlington or on the line of Maryland-Virginia border. I think about Tennessee and how when you go from here to Nashville, the time changes when you hit Knoxville. — Lizzy MacDonald

• Split it by 30 minutes. — Robert Cross

• My thought exactly. It’s called compromise by splitting it by 30 minutes. But compromise does not exist in politics. — Beth MacDonald

• Aren’t there more important matters at hand that our officials need to concentrate on? — Cindy Burge

• I’m all about changing the time zone to Daylight Saving all year but, I think we do it because we want to, not following what others do or being dependent upon other’s decisions. Why does Delaware want to be like everyone else all of a sudden? — Katherine Jarmon

• I agree with the reasoning but changing time zones is much more complicated than simple legislation from Dover, Trenton and Annapolis. Perhaps our esteemed legislators in Washington have nothing else to do other than hate Trump. Why not have them get together with their colleagues and make it a federal standard to permanently move to DST nationwide. — Bob Skuse

• I would only like this idea if it were nationwide. It could get confusing if crossing a state line would suddenly put you an hour ahead or behind. — Linda Shockley

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