Social Commentary: Debate and Trump’s lewd comments

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Debate reactions

•”She is going to bash Donald Trump for what he said….but isn’t that what her husband DID in the white house? #idontlikeeitherofthem.” — Jessic Inez

•”Refusing to watch!” — Sherri Larimore

•”The AP story on page 3 Monday continues to denigrate Trump! “He unleashed a barrage of attacks and insults” in a debate to steady his “floundering campaign” … “Trumps campaign was already strugglin/” “Trumps performance” … etc., etc., etc. … I dont know where this reporter has been but the facts show that Trump continually fills arenas while Hillary has a few rallies that draw small crowds. Dont you think people in this country are tired of having lying (because Trump is often deliberately misquoted — not Hillary, though. Liberal media tell Americans what to think. In the USSR that mode of reporting is rightly called propaganda, in the USA its called news! — Lee Henderson

•”Not watching … neither will get my vote.” — Nabeela Jeanne Black Swartz Intro

Trump’s lewd comments

•”And Hillary’s 33,000 mails…how about her apology tour? LOL” — Howard Gaines III

•”First, he was not married; second, he was a Democrat then. Finally, this is when he was the chummy with the Clintons (who months later were all smiles at his 3rd wedding). So, basically he is a dog who would be a good president. Sounds like Bill doesn’t it?” — Diane Butters-Eastburn

•”When Trump tried to bed Nancy O’Dell he was married to Melania for a mere four months. Do a fact check. And, for the record, Bill Clinton was a good president, leaving office with a surplus of millions of dollars which Bumbling Bush spent and then proceeded to run up trillions of debt and drag us into as war because of weapons of mass destruction which did not exist except as a lame excuse to invade a sovereign nation.” — Kay Huether

•”The timing? Who cares, if it is true. Is this about politics or right and wrong? You guys seem to be losing sight of the bigger picture, hung up on winning the battle without looking at the war. You’re losing because your party is going off a cliff.” — Michael Purcell

•”I find it disingenuous (and quite humorous) that the Democratic Party and the liberal left have suddenly discovered morals.” — Michael Pepper

•”Trump was a Democrat back then and it was never an issue when the liberals were taking his money!” — Howard Gaines III

•”JFK and Bill Clinton lowered our expectations on the Presidents treatment of women. At least Trump hasn’t had to shell-out $850,000 in out-of-court settlements for sexual misconduct. In any event, I’m much more concerned about what Hillary has done than what Trump has said.” — Jim Price

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