SOCIAL COMMENTARY: Taxing situation

Readers weighed in on Thursday’s story about Dover’s proposed operating budget for the new fiscal year that calls for a 24.3 percent hike in the property tax rate and the addition of 14 new full-time city employees and 15 part-time. Here’s a selection of opinions and reactions readers have shared at and

•As one of the new City Council representatives serving the Second District of the city of Dover, I will not and cannot support a tax increase of this magnitude. The biggest disappointment for me has to do with the spending side. Where is the team to take a hard look at reducing the spending? — Brian Lewis

•The previous councils have kicked the can too far instead of dealing with it. — James Sack

•Where is your solution to solve the issue? It is easy to oppose something and speak in generalities; however, it is much more difficult to develop solutions. What should be cut? How will those cuts impact the services to citizens? 24 percent is high, but just saying no is not a solution either. Don’t we elect a team aka city council to deal with these issues? — Matthew Lindell

•If they need to raise taxes, then show the citizens you’ve cut everything back to bare bones — no excess fluff. I am a state employee and I live in the city. I can’t afford for you to keep raising my taxes so city employees can get raises. How about doing some budget cuts? Can’t you manage the city expenses as you do your home budget? If you don’t have it to spend then you don’t buy it! — Kim McGregor-Endres

•So let me get this right. The city of Dover manager wants to raise our property tax to give himself and others a raise? Oh and to hire additional staff? Nobody has said what these additional positions are. A 24 percent increase is insane especially for those of us who own and are honest taxpayers. There’s no way the council can let this happen. There has to be an alternative. — Jim Barlow

•What politician was brave enough to bring it up and say I will fight against this before the election? — Linda Belanger Deaton

•The plan is being submitted by the city manager Scott Koenig. Council can say no if they would stop hiring new employees that you can’t afford. It does not take a genius to figure they are doing this now right after the election so taxpayers memories will fade by the next election. — Debby Slaughter Messina

•Twenty-four percent? Only 24 percent? Why not 50 or 75? How about I just direct deposit my entire pension check to you guys each month? Trouble is that wouldn’t be enough. There is never enough for the tax and spenders! — Gerald Jerry Rice

•Look how many houses are for sale in the city. — ride around or go online and look! People are moving out of the city, Dover is not what it used to be! — Betty Hutchins

•Are they serious? Put more taxes on the backs of the barely making-ends-meet middle class!! Why does someone making over $85,000 a year need a raise and a bonus? Most of us aren’t even making close to that, but we have to pay their outrageous salary! I can’t get out of the this town soon enough! — MaryAnne Detz Funk

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