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GM layoffs

General Motors will lay off up to 14,000 factory and white-collar workers in North America and put five plants up for possible closure as it restructures to cut costs and focus more on autonomous and electric vehicles.

• Have some nice vehicles but who can afford them? $40, 50, 60 thousand-plus. Naaa I stick to my beater, does just fine.

• So much winning!!! — Peter Giaquinto

• No way. Obama saved the auto industry. — Jon Walczak

• This is due to Trump’s trade war. You remember, the one that was “easy to win” per Trump? Nobody wins a trade war. Everybody loses who plays the game. — Rob Roth

Teacher safety

A Sunday story reported that according to the National Center for Education citations, the 6 percent of public school teachers reporting being physically attacked by a student in 2015–16 topped all previous survey years except for 2011-12.

• Take away student accountability for their actions. What outcome was expected? — Michael Pepper

• Nothing shocking considering some schools don’t report attacks, give some kids “time out” or lunch detention for issues, and hassle teachers if they report issues. Everyone is worrying about school image and not taking folks to task for their actions! — Howard Gaines III

• This is the direct result of your “kinder and gentler” approach. No discipline, just coddling. No wonder young adults cant handle disappointment. Get rid of participation trophies. Son’t push them through the system so their feelings will not be hurt. Make them earn their grades again. — Alex Fowler

• This is what happens when liberals run the education system. Does anyone else notice that the problem got worse when they took discipline out of the schools? Might say the same for prayer as well. Why do you figure that the private schools don’t have this problem? I would also say that the schools won’t expel anyone because they’ll lose money. And the biggest factor (in my opinion) is parenting or the lack of it. — Citizen Soldier

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