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Pit bulls

Readers had some thoughts after a 4-year-old boy was hospitalized with several lacerations and two adults were seriously injured Sunday after an attack by a pit bull dog allegedly stolen shortly beforehand, Delaware State Police said.

• Ban pit bull dogs! They are dangerous!! Delaware seems to be a breeding ground for these dogs and it needs to stop as well as the rest of the nation. These dogs need to be spayed or neutered and any one that show violent tendencies needs to euthanized. There have been too many instances of these dogs attacking people, not just here, but all over the country. Just do a web search for pit bull dog attacks. I am trying to adopt a good dog that is good for inside companionship at the SPCAs and other adoption agencies and all they have are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. I will not adopt one and that is a fact! — Don Smith

• Contrary, the people that own them need to be spayed or neutered. The dogs only do what they are taught. I have lots of friends with pit bulls that are sweet and calm as could be. It’s the people that fight the dogs that are the problem. — Dave Duncan

• Imagine if we applied your logic to people, and said genetics, not nurturing or environment, determined behavior. — David Stevens

• Don, education is a wonderful tool. It isn’t the breed, it’s how animals are raised, trained, cared for and socialized. — Howard Gaines III

Willey Farms reopens

Readers welcomed the news that Willey Farms has reopened to sell Christmas items this holiday season.

• Looks like community support is in full force for the Willey Farms family and employees, wonderful to read about! — Chris DePhillipo

• This is awesome, so happy. — Camille E. Helmer

• Build it and they will come. Rebuild it, and they will come again. Praying for a speedy recovery for you guys. — Kellie Russo

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