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Santa in Dover

Instead of the Dover Fire Department bringing Kris Kringle through the streets of the city this year, the 2018 Operation Santa will be held from noon to 4 p.m. on Dec. 15 at Dover Fire’s headquarters at 103 S. Governors Ave The move to the downtown location was made “due to all of the apparent confusion and statements that were made over the past few years that Santa either missed neighborhoods, certain streets or people stating that they were not home when Santa came through …,” according to a DFD Facebook post last Wednesday.

• Great idea! — Sandy Turulski

• We loved seeing Santa come through our neighborhood. — Mary Bell

• It’s not worth fighting the crowd of people that will all be in one spot to see him. I loved seeing him drive by. — Brittany McBride

• People always have to ruin things. Why can’t people be grateful that they even did it. Back home they don’t do that at all. — Jennifer McKnight

• The crybabies win again. — Christy Wilson

• I read this with great horror. The wife and I both enjoyed watching Santa come rolling through the neighborhood with all the lights and sirens blaring. It’s a shame more people couldn’t get off their butts and come outside for a whole five minutes to appreciate the mighty one. We didn’t get to see him last year though. He normally came through in the evening except last time he rolled through early Saturday morning when we were out. — Bob Hice

Project nearly complete

Since early 2015, the sight of road work taking place on Del. 1 between Little Heaven and Milford has been constant But, according to DelDOT, the approximately $114 million improvement project is in the home stretch.

• Traffic is almost at a standstill in Little Heaven (southbound) right now, — doesn’t look “almost done” to me. — Frederick Tate

• Can someone explain to me why the 301 toll road took the same amount of time as this did? It might be done first. — Christopher Bartlett

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