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Pelosi back as speaker?

Nancy Pelosi was nominated by fellow Democrats to be House speaker on Wednesday, but she still faces a showdown vote when the full House convenes in January.

• The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…or something like that. Or this. — Michael Pepper

• A win for Republicans. A speaker without a clue. — Jack Jordan

• Democrats….wow. With Trump blowing his own horn as loudly as anyone in history, they have the perfect opportunity to storm back. But not without new leadership and toned down rhetoric. Big fail here. — Steven Howard

• The fact remains Pelosi knows what she’s doing. She was an effective speaker in the past and got things done. Sorry haters, the firm hand is back at the wheel.— Rob Roth

• So she can raise campaign funds and cry racist, bigot, homophobic, Islamophobic, sexist. Just curious, what has she really done for the American people? — Beth Ann

Pit bulls

Readers had some thoughts after a 4-year-old boy was hospitalized with several lacerations and two adults were seriously injured Sunday after an attack by a pit bull dog allegedly stolen shortly beforehand, Delaware State Police said.

• Pits/pit mixes have proven beyond all facts that they are dangerous when they act upon their genetics. Fighting breed dogs serve zero purpose in today’s society and should have been illegal/outlawed/banned once pit fighting became illegal. With over 27 deaths so far this year alone and far more mauling of innocent people how much more proof is needed? Let’s not forget the hundreds of innocent pets, livestock mauled/killed by them either. Vets aren’t complaining too much because they’re making a tidy profit off the victims’ owners who literally try and pay thousands to try and save their beloved pets only to have them die soon after their horrific attack. They may seem “friendly” but can suddenly change without warning or provocation. — Susan Lince Blais

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