Park gun restrictions

The state of Delaware allows lawfully owned and permitted firearms in more than 99 percent of the area in state parks, forests and wildlife areas. The Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association and Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club are among the plaintiffs challenging the state’s regulations in certain areas such as “tents, cabins, cottages, yurts, lodges and other overnight housing used by those sleeping in rented accommodations in state parks or state forests,” according to court documents.

• DNREC and the Department of Agriculture are just two more entities that are allowed to pass laws that affect law-abiding citizens of Delaware! How can this be allowed? They are appointed positions that pass laws with very little input from Delaware citizens. We have state, county, and local elected officials that should be responsible for any decision that affect citizens of Delaware! Shame on the citizens of Delaware for allowing this to continue to happen! — Rick Bennett

• Gun-free zones are killing zones. Just ask the many murdered school children and others! These zones are designed to leave the citizen defenseless and “begging” for gun control. In reality, it is a scam to get you to “request and demand” the voiding of your 2nd amendment rights! If your gun rights go, so does your civil rights and human rights will soon follow. — Vincent Brady

• So the state wants people to leave their firearms in vehicles — likely outside of their view — for prolonged periods of time? How about not. The taxpayer funds the parks. The arguments that have won in court are in favor of our rights to carry. Let it go. — Ryano Ryan

Assault on national security?

Readers reacted to a recent letter that criticized President Trump’s comments on NATO and his handling of the Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin.

• What would you say sir that the last president did to our national security. Nothing! Our president wants what is only fair to Americans —not us footing the bill for the entire world. And if you think those in charge of our national security are squeaky clean then you, sir, are from Mars. — Willie Preacher

• Where you this upset when Obama promised flexibility after his next election or when Hillary called them “ally”? — Iris Krauss

• Oh, yes, Trump has done a lot to help Russia. He sent arms to the Ukraine … oh, wait, Russia is trying to take that nation. He is trying to take down the regime in Syria … oops, strike 2, Russia is supporting the regime. Then, there’s Trump’s decision to withhold the rest of the money Obama wanted to give Iran, some of which would have been used to buy Russian aircraft.

When Trump made blunt comments, he was condemned for not being diplomatic. When he exercised some diplomatic restraint while meeting with Putin, he was accused of being soft because Putin put him in office. Just can’t win. — Charles Miller

• All of those bad things you list that Putin did occurred while Obama was running things in this country. Words mean things, and Trump’s reluctance to insult Putin on the public stage was a questionable choice, but consider the actions under Trump: closed three Russian facilities in the US, expelled 60 Russian “diplomats,” provided lethal munitions to Ukraine, increased economic sanctions on Russia, increased NATO finances and killed Russian troops in Syria.

I bet you were one of those folks that criticized our national intelligence network when they assured President Bush that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. — Jim Price

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