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Transgender reg paused

Readers react to news that Gov. John Carney said the state’s proposal to create transgender regulations for public schools would not proceed.

• Whoever thought this was sound legislation? — Michael Pepper

• Good. — Sandy McDermott Lewis

• For now. The pervert liberals will sneak it in eventually and Pelosi will make sure her puppets make it happen. — Pete Parks

State test scores

Readers react to news that the state’s public school students taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment showed no significant change in performance overall.

• Not shocking … bet if more teachers kept their kids in the classroom and less time roaming the hallways, scores might go up. Additionally, if schools got tougher on classroom misbehaviors and expelled those who don’t want to learn, others might be more inclined to study and pass! — Howard Gaines III

• The money we spend on our educational system doesn’t seem to be helping. Now they are trying to convince us that a failure is really a win because it could have been so much worse. Thumbs up for the spin … Thumbs down for the actual results. School administration is failing us, I think. — Bob Hartman

• Every year you have cuts in education by the Carney circus. What do you expect? Thank the democrats for that. — Wille Preacher

• Me, I am going to blame it on the parents. School is not made for babysitting and the parents fail to provide any discipline. The teachers can not teach if they do not get support from the parents. Behavior problems start at home. I don’t care how much money you throw at the problem if the home is a failure the students will be a failure. — Bob Beckman

• No time for finger pointing folks. Lets come together for Delaware’s children and work through this. — Suzanne Heritage-Madanat

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