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Senate race

The Sept. 6 election features three-term incumbent Sen. Tom Carper and challenger Kerri Evelyn Harris. Through the first six months of 2018, Sen. Carper has outraised his opponent about 19-to-1, collecting just over $1 million.

• So much money that could be used for far better reasons. — Cindy Burge

• Such as corporate welfare? — JJ McGlothlin Jr.

• Drain the swamp. — Greg Sheraton

• We had someone use that line and the swamp just got worse. — Dan Maher

• According to Open Secrets, 60 percent of his donations come from out of state. — Jeffrey Boyer

• One thing to remember money doesn’t mean votes. #WALKAWAY — Bob Smith

• Carper does a lot for this state that goes unnoticed. If it wasn’t for him, DAFB would have been abandoned years ago. Research how much funding he’s acquired for the base over the last 25-30 years! — Rick Reed

• So if 60 percent of his money is coming in from out of state, it makes you think who does Carper really work for? — Faye Wing

Switching parties

Bernard Pepukayi, a former Family Court commissioner and legal aide to Democratic politicians, has switched his party registration to Republican to seek the state’s attorney general job.

• So Mr. Pepukayi was a Democrat yesterday but now, today, he is a Republican and we’re supposed to believe that just magically occurred? Not to mention, that he is a convicted felon. Seriously GOP, this is the only option that you came up with? Basically, we have five Democrats running for attorney general. — Marc Auger

• All the more reason to stop voting strictly based on party, and voting because you’ve actually looked into the candidate. Twenty-three percent of Delaware voters aren’t affiliated with any party, and they can easily swing an election. — Brian P Slattery

• If we can’t get Dems to switch to our side, then how do we get to outnumber them? Personally I embrace the fact that he has switched and hope he has a lot of friends who have a lot of friends that are willing to switch their party affiliation to Republican. — Kevin McCarthy

• Hopefully he also improved his position on the issues. If he changed because he genuinely believes in what we stand for then, yes we should absolutely welcome him. We just don’t want him to turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. — Vernon Weaver

• The real issue is: Is he switching just to have a place to run or is he switching because of his changed ideology? Based upon his timing, etc. my vote is, he’s just looking for a spot in which to run. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Ken Simpler showed that a Republican can win in a statewide election for office, even with Democrats accounting for 47.2% of registered voters. What most are not considering is that Delaware has about 23.1% of registered voters who are not affiliated with any political party (and only 1.8% who are registered with other parties). That is a significant number to consider because they (the unaffiliated) are the ones who can “swing” an election, and Republicans have to be able to attract those voters (as well as appeal to some Democrats) to boost their 27.9%. — Brian P Slattery

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