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Dover’s future

Dover business owners and citizens think it’s about time a vision for the Dover’s future is realized.

• Hopefully they look long-term and get the layout they want, then build around it. I’m probably in the minority in thinking that the new library was built in the wrong location and a bit too large. Think it would have been better and helped downtown more if it had been built on the site of the old ACME in the heart of the downtown we are trying to revitalize. Then the city could have built a centralized City Hall complex on that site, combining the offices in the current location plus the offices located in the former WSFS building — possibly allowing the post office to remain in its current location. So let’s settle on where we want retail, restaurants and other venues to bring people to that downtown — then build the parking garage central and convenient to that area. — Dan Maher

• Newspaper articles and politic speak are the only tangible effort put forward by the city of Dover so far. Time to actually do something and stop talking about it. — Bob Skuse

Toward Zero Deaths

A Sunday commentary discussed the statewide Strategic Highway Safety Plan, entitled Toward Zero Deaths, with the goal to reduce road crash fatalities to zero.

• Two people last week died doing the right thing. Other driver passed on a double yellow line, only got scratches. Guess they should have known that the driver was going to do the wrong thing. Sad. — Chris Pollinger

• Having just returned from a three-year stay abroad in Germany. Key factors that keep you alive on the Autobahn are trained and disciplined drivers who understand operating a vehicle is a privilege as well as a social contract with their fellow traffic participants. — Michael Pepper

• Seems to me that the safe driver, one who doesn’t speed, pays attention, and drives with respect, is the one in danger. People need to look at themselves behind the wheel and then change driving habits for the better. Aggressive speeders are the number one problem. Are you one? — Timmy Harmon

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