Funeral processions

A Sunday story reported that safety concerns exist each time a line of vehicles enters the road together in a funeral procession.

• It’s sad that so many have forgotten or never learned the tradition and meaning of funeral processions. It takes only a minute or a few to show respect to the deceased and their loved ones, during their final ride on earth. — Gere Durkin

• The pattern of society is self centered and greedy. No one cares about anyone else if doesn’t fit into your little box of thoughts and purposes. — Jayme Lynn

• When I lived in Georgia, people stopped in both directions to let them pass out of respect. That is the only place that I have seen do that. — Janice A. Crosby

Voter turnout

Delaware Democrats and Republicans on Thursday both recorded their second highest turnout for a primary in the past 10 elections. A quarter of the nearly 327,000 registered Democrats cast ballots, while 20 percent of the approximately 192,000 Republican voters went to the polls.

• It is very very sad, even though this is a primary, you have to get up off your tuff to vote. More people were complaining but apparently they were “too busy.” The ones that voted had things to do also but they voted. —Ray Yarnall Sr.

• I am an Independent and unable to vote in primaries but my take on this story is that our candidates in the upcoming November elections were chosen by 20 to 25 percent of the eligible registered voters in this State. This sad state of affairs will be compounded by a voter turnout of somewhere between 55 to 65 percent of eligible voters deciding the races. The right to vote is our means of shaping our government. How (ticked) off is everyone with our current government? Show them at the ballot box on Nov. 7! — Dan Maher

• The Republicans only shot is the independent voters. Let’s hope they come through in a big way. — Mark Schmalhofer

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