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Dover recreation

Dover City Councilman Roy Sudler Jr. said he believes residents are being shortchanged as he continues to push for a new recreation and activities center at Dover Park, off White Oak Road. “We are losing our youth to the streets and we must do all that we can to save them,” he said in a Delaware State News story last week.

• A new park with aforementioned “building” will serve as nothing more than a new place to sell drugs. Putting up a swing set won’t make people change their ways. Isn’t the city of Dover in financial straits? Do we need to be doing this now? Or do you intend to build it now and raise taxes to pay for it later? — Chris Behrens

• The problem and as Chris mentioned, funds. Even after it’s built, there’s the heat, AC, water, sewer, upkeep and someone has to be there. With funds for all agencies being cut or frozen, how can anyone ask for big-ticketed items in a time like this? A building would also have very limited use, better off spending it on the other parks for upgrades. — Howard Gaines III

• Be a parent first. Take control of your little devils, it is your responsibility. Building nice things for kids with a rotten attitude isn’t going to help them. — Bill Bailey

• So when they try to do something positive for the community and all y’all can do is find something wrong with it??? Let’s build more jails. That should make y’all happy. — Mika Ray


A commentary by Thomas Knapp said President Trump’s attempt at declassifying documents doesn’t go far enough.

• Ordinarily, I’d agree with Mr. Knapp about the need for more transparency. The fallacy in this argument is that it supposes that President Trump declassified the information for benevolent reasons pertaining to the greater good. This was yet another attempt to find out what information has already been collected in the investigation surrounding his administration, so that he can go on the offensive before the Justice Department can act. — Jeff Haycraft

• I agree with you, but wouldn’t you do the same after knowing that the Democrats started the witch hunt under false pretenses and then there is the constant fake news backing up lies about the Russian collusion. Would not you feel the need to fight back? — Jay Pratt

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