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Trump haters

Readers reacted to a Friday Letter to the Editor by Vernon D. Johnson headlined “If you hate Trump, you hate America.”

• Ya’ don’t say there Vern? How about the trillion dollar per year deficit the tax cut for the rich is costing us all? How about the fact that we’re ridiculed around the world because of Trump? How about that the vast majority of the jobs are low wage with no benefit and no future. And how about that great trade war Trump claimed was easily winnable. How bout Trump lying nonstop. If his lips are moving you know he’s lying. Trump is a disaster for America and for the world. — Rob Roth

• Wrong.. I despise how Trump acts but support many of his policies.GDP up, stock market up, unemployment down, small business positive outlook near an all-time high. Trump is arrogant. Many of his actions make it impossible to defend his personal behavior. — Sam Fish

• The truth is in the facts, keep up the great job Mr. President! — William Drummond

• Can’t argue with results. In before the left chimes in with “this is (Obama’s) economy”. Sad. — Jason Rextc

Kavanaugh case

Readers reacted to various stories and letters this week on the Judge Kavanaugh story.

• It doesn’t bother you that she named four witnesses and none of them corroborated her story? These were her witnesses. His demeanor at the hearing? I would be outraged and expect the same from anyone being accused of being a gang rapist. You should be afraid to live in a country where our U.S. senators say on TV that it is up to you to prove your innocence. —Bob Hice

• If you are male or have makes in your family, you better no go anywhere without witnesses if women are present. Obviously no woman needs to have evidence, only has to accuse somebody and has to be automatically believed. For the ones cheering for it, start praying that you will never be in that situation. Don’t think it could never happen to you. — Alex Fowler

• I bet the Yale Law School is very proud of its graduate, U.S. Sen. Christopher Coons for having publicly announced that the accused judge Kavanaugh must disprove the Dr. Ford allegations against him. Everybody knows that the American way, even the law, provides that each of us are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. — Bill Anderson

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