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Traffic calming

North State Street will be experiencing both daytime and nighttime closures in both directions from Pennsylvania Avenue to Columbia Avenue from Monday until Nov. 30 as a traffic calming feature — a “median island chicane” — is installed to slow traffic down in the area.

• Anybody interested in this traffic measure should drive through the Sean Lynn/DelDOT configuration on Independence Boulevard in Bicentennial Village. A complete joke except for the squandering of several hundred thousand dollars to create that project. Similar results could have been obtained with four new stop signs at very nominal expense. You folks keep on electing people like Mr. Lynn. —Bill Anderson

• If you want to see a text book example of how to apply the traffic calming DelDOT playbook, look at Independence Boulevard. The Dover PD did a before and after traffic study and there was a reduction of both speed and a reduction of traffic using Independence as well. So, bravo to Rep. Lynn for standing up to city council and making this happen. Some people just don’t let the facts get in the way of their agenda.
On another matter, there is another traffic calming method in the book I think would be much more effective on a major road like State Street – “speed humps” I tested recently installed humps in Harrington. They work to reduce speed extremely well with no adverse impact to fire trucks, police, ambulances, snow plows, et al. Speed humps are a more appropriate application for State Street and I suggest that DelDOT, the city take a relook at the application of speed humps. — Will Garfinkel

Bus contractors

Readers reacted to a Thursday letter to the editor headlined “School bus contractor facing unfair competition from districts”

• So the argument is that the school districts should avoid the cheaper option? — Benjamin Black

• There has to be some security in it for the contractor to be able to take on all of the debt involved in it. — Steve Peterman

• I’m sure it cost much more for the school districts to buy their own buses and hire people to drive them. Contractors are almost always cheaper. — Greg Sheraton

• Incorrect Sir. The assumptions in this letter are correct, except for the fact that the only reason the company this driver works for lost routes to the district is because they turned multiple routes back in because they didn’t have enough drivers. Look at their sign, they have been steadily asking for drivers for years. The district has an obligation to get the kids to school, no matter how it is done. — Dave Duncan

• This question was ask at inception of this program and was apparently “poo-pooed” by school administration and never answered with a satisfactory response. — Leon Pravitz

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