SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Abortion debate

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Readers reacted to a recent letter by Rose Pritchett headlined “Abortion is the greatest divide in our country.”

• Ms. Pritchett is entitled to her own opinions, as is everyone. However, spewing falsehoods and total misrepresentations on the basis of fear mongering should not be the way we go about debating abortion. The misinformation contained in this letter can be boiled down to a person who has a particular conviction (being anti-abortion) who only reads the propaganda that fits her narrative. It’s fine that you don’t think abortion should be legal (I disagree). However, a lot of this letter is just plain false.

Planned Parenthood provides many services — to both men AND women — that have nothing to do whatsoever with abortion. Demonizing Planned Parenthood is throwing the baby out with the bathwater (pardon the expression in this context). Let us just suppose for a moment that we eliminate from a legal standpoint, the ability of Planned Parenthood to give abortions. There are still many useful health services provided by this organization that are invaluable to persons who may not be able to afford healthcare from traditional means. — Jeff Haycraft

• If Roe vs Wade is overturned, many women will die from self-induced or back alley abortions. They will leave behind many children some of whom have never even met their fathers.

Fathers are ignored by the “Right to Life” people. They are as responsible for those babies as the mothers but they escape any blame from the pro-life people. It would probably help if all those “sperm donors” were held responsible. Many pay no child support so women who already have more children than they can feed are desperate. And they become pregnant because the man won’t wear a condom or it breaks. Some women can’t use contraceptives.

When “Right to Lifers” care as much about the children they “save” as they do about stopping abortion I will pay attention. Did you ever stop to think how many wealthy people have abortions you don’t know about? Or maybe you don’t care. They just fly off to a country where they can have their abortion without protesters trying to stop them. They come back from their “vacations”, and no one knows they aborted a baby. — Gladys K. Adams

just go after the poor people and close your eyes to the wealthy. — Gladys K. Adams

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