SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Abortion debate

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Readers reacted to two recent letters on the topic of abortion: “Truth at odds when it comes to abortion” by Rose Pritchett; and “Not all religious are pro-life” by Paul Donnelly.

• The key issue is when life starts. Birth is arbitrary — many children survive being born prematurely. And many who are born on schedule are unable to survive. Before life starts, it’s a blob of tissue. After life starts, it’s a person. Who has the right to decide what to do with her own body? — Charles Miller

• Abortion is none of my business. Citing verses from a collection of books titled the Holy Bible does little to change my feeling. Your abortion is none of my business. What a woman does to her body is her choice and I have no business telling her what to choose. — Timmy Harmon

• Pritchett wants to grant rights to a fertilized egg that living people do not have — the right to attach itself to my life support systems against my will. My body – my choice! Ask the anti-choice crowd how many unwanted children they have rescued from an orphanage or our dismal foster care system. The response I usually get is a blank stare. Nuff said? — Kay Huether

• Why do you feel you should make decisions for women you don’t know? Possibly those who chose abortion do not believe in God. You may decide for yourself but it is wrong for you to make this decision for others. You don’t know their circumstances. You believe in God but you are not God. — Gladys K. Adams

• “Abstinence”. Does anyone truly give thought to the implications and repercussions of their actions, which stem from their own selfish desires? We should all fear living in a world where people have no control over their actions, nor self-responsibility and accountability. With abortion, there is So much more at stake — another’s life to be specific! Abstinence requires no pain, no loss of time or income and no cost for the taxpayers! How foolish are we the people not to expect our citizens to exercise self-control? — Gail Kritch

• Mr. Donnelly have you never heard of personal responsibility? The pill? If a woman does accept responsibility for her behavior and she cannot afford the pill, maybe she should try an aspirin. You figure it out. — Marianna Breeding

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