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Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor touting the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

• It was nothing but another redistribution of wealth by the Democrats. It is a tax, plain and simple. — Greg Sheraton

• Are you also referring to the “Romneycare” designed by the right-wing think tank Heritage Foundation that Massachusetts had? — J.J. McGlothlin Jr.

• Massachusetts has one of the highest median household incomes in the country. Based on that and such a small state, it’s not hard to see how romneycare would work out. Obamacare isn’t working. The same policy isn’t right for everybody. — Greg Sheraton

• It isn’t working because there were never regulations put in place against the insurance industry. They pretty much had full reign. That was the biggest mistake. — Mike Johnson

• It’s socialism and it should never have been about health insurance. If they wanted to provide health care, they should have just expanded and/or changed Medicaid. By trying to provide health care by implementing a socialist program in to free market health insurance businesses they only increased the price of insurance on the middle class, making it unaffordable for many and forced many more to decrease their coverage and therefore forcing them to have less health care. — Scott Berry

• The Affordable Care Act wasn’t a compromise.Republican members of Congress were prevented from participating in the deliberations to the greatest degree possible. Calling it a “stepping stone” is accurate. Statements from the originators express a desire for a single-payer system. Maybe the defects were deliberate? — Charles Miller

• I’ve always felt that patriotism lies in giving to the country. While I’m not wealthy, I’ve been lucky enough in my life to never go without. Do I want to see my taxes increase? Certainly no! However, I don’t mind pitching in my fair share to help us all out as a society, since we’re all in this together as Americans. Too bad the people who have the most to pitch in, and have profited from living in this society most often (generalization) don’t see it that way. — Jeff Haycraft

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