SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Amazon pay raise

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Amazon, which has faced political and economic pressure to raise pay for thousands of employees, is boosting its minimum wage for all U.S. workers to $15 per hour starting next month and said it will push for an increase in the federally mandated minimum wage, which now stands at $7.25 per hour.

• I have no problem with raising the minimum wage. What I have a problem with is that those of us who have been in the workforce for a while don’t see their wages boosted the same. Why should some young kid just starting out make nearly as much as I do and I’ve been on my job for nearly eighteen years? If you’re going to raise wages do it for everyone. — Lani Cotton

• Just because your boss is (hurting) you doesn’t mean that everyone’s boss should (hurt) them. Prosperity should be shared. If you have a problem with how your employer pays you, continue to talk about it and expose them (anonymously if necessary), unionize and reach out to your senators as these Amazon workers have.

Everyone should be paid more in this country when CEOs are making $1,000+/hr and their employees are on public assistance. It doesn’t have to be middle class against the “young people” or the people stuck in enter level jobs. It should be everyone fighting for fair wages for everyone. Your work experience rightly means you should be paid accordingly – minimum wage needs to be $15-$20 for basic necessities and your experience and job performance would render your pay above that. If your employer refuses, it’s them you should be angry with, not the guy making $15. — Danielle Levredge

• If you have been there that long and don’t make the money you should have moved on. — Crystal Harvey Cole

• And up, up, up, goes Amazon’s pricing. It’s just business, right? — Sue Newman Janes

• Now they will get to pay more taxes and get less government assistance if they currently get it. Just wait for them to cry about that. — Amy Walton

• The company is very successful so why not pay the employees well? Most businesses cannot afford to pay rates like that. — Mark Schmalhofer

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