Sound Off Delaware: Ambulance service, Cohen speaks

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Ambulance service

Dover city staff recently recommended Wilmington-based St. Francis Healthcare to receive the new three-year Dover ambulance service contract that will begin April 1, 2019.

• What are the hidden cost? How else does St Francis make money from this contract? With the man hours described (four EMTs 24-7) it comes to about $2.30 per hour and that does not include ambulances. — Kevin McCarthy

• From an outsider’s view, by agreeing to commit these personnel the contract ensures exclusive coverage for the city. The ambulance service to patients is a billable service through straight billing, private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid billing. In my view, St. Francis calculated their bid based on standby costs. They are making a relatively safe bet that their services will be in high demand to offset the standby costs. They may also have access to other philanthropic support to assist with their commitment to serve the Dover community. — Dan Henderson

• No hidden costs. They are a not for profit company. The other companies aren’t. — Steve Galvin

• The contract only pays the company. Each patient picked up will be charged and ambulance cost per run. The city needs three units running at all times! — Larry Beatson Jr.

Cohen speaks

President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer said Friday that Trump directed him to buy the silence of two women during the 2016 campaign because he was concerned their stories of alleged affairs with him “would affect the election.” He says Trump knew the payments were wrong.

• Let’s see. Cohen is an attorney yet willing enters into illegal transactions. Cohen has been caught and admits to lying. Cohen gets great publicity and who knows how much in book and liberal talk circuit deals. Cohen gets “jail time” but doesn’t have to “report”, for a few months, permitting lots of talk circuit, book deal time. Could he have motivations for his actions? Does he have a single shred of credibility left? Did he ever have any? Why should anyone give him the time of day? — Dennis Mehrenberg

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