SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Assault weapon ban fails

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Legislation to ban the sale, purchase or transfer of “assault-style” weapons failed to make it out of a Senate committee Wednesday — a victory for the hundred or so Delawareans who showed up to protest the measure and the many more who made their opposition clear on social media or in calls and emails to legislators.

• This is a sad day for Delaware. I am very sad and will work to secure our safety through common sense gun control laws like this one that failed. —Bradley Skelcher

• Why is it such a sad day because some firearms did not get banned? Because making them illegal automatically makes the state of Delaware a safer place? Last I saw heroin and cocaine were illegal also or “banned” if you would prefer that term. Could you please inform me and everyone else that can read this on how that actually helped anything? It helped black market sales astronomically as will banning guns. If guns were banned especially these so highly popular ones there will be more unregistered firearms in the streets than registered now. — Bryan Hutchinson

• You’re saying we need more gun laws, so you are admitting that 20,000-plus gun laws around the country do not work. That is what you are saying. Is it not? — Zach Larson

• Have you read it? Not so common sense. There are even specific exceptions for weapons that are an exact match for items specifically banned — just different manufacturers. Lot of ambiguous wording and no provision for due process to prove weapons were already owned pre-ban. — Charles Wissman

• It’s a great day for constitutionally abiding Delawareans and a bad day for safe space snowflakes. — Jay Schafer

• You ever had someone come in your house while you’re sleeping? I have and it’s horrible. You sir don’t get to choose what I can and can’t have. Police are at least 15 minutes away at best. — Matthew Campbell

• Nope, we need people not to behave like animals and value life. An inanimate object cannot do evil unless in the hands of someone with bad intentions and that includes knifes, bats, cars, etc. — Wayne Skowyra

• Sen. Lawson has proposed SB 215, which provides funding for implementation of security measures in Delaware schools. Sen. Townsend is on the committee. This bill will directly affect a positive change in school safety. Let Sen. Townsend know SB 215 needs to pass the Senate and House before the end of the General Assembly. — Tom Gardner

• Maybe one day politicians will learn that these bans don’t actually work. Instead, they restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. Until then, we’ll keep fighting to defeat pointless and nonsensical legislation! See you all on June 30. — Delaware 2nd Amendment Rally

• A great day for Delawareans! Bans do not work. What works is enforcement of the present laws. What was proposed would have no effect as was proven with the so-called “assault weapons ban” in the 1990s, which government and private sources stated. Look at the Wilmington gun deaths and not a single shooting was committed with any of these guns. — David Baranowski

• Maybe they should use some “common sense” and try to protect the children they claim this bill is to protect by initiating metal detectors and armed guards at the schools like they have at Legislative Hall to protect the representatives. I guess we can protect the select few but that’s not worthy of our children to protect in the same way. Because we all know that criminals don’t obey the laws. — Dawn Quirk

• Sen. Dave Lawson has proposed the Omnibus School Safety Bill SB215 that makes sense and protects our children with exactly what you have just stated. I hope everyone rallies around and supports that bill! He would have my vote if I lived in his district! — Michelle Rogers McDowell

• I would like to personally thank all of the representatives that stood on our side and decided that stripping rights away from law-abiding citizens of Delaware was not the correct thing to do. — Mike Gibson

• Yes a great day and now it’s time to get rid of the ones who wrote to get this bill, vote them out this November. — Bob Kline

• It was the right thing to do! The Constitution was upheld. These gun control bills violate the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, not to mention that they would do nothing to secure the safety of our school children. If government were serious about protecting our kids, they would be talking about utilizing metal detectors, hiring trained resource officers, and enforcing existing laws. Our school children deserve the same level of protection as our elected officials. Banning the “assault” gun (someone needs to check their definition) is not only absurd, but will be useless in protecting our kids. That the Parkland tragedy is being used as a political tool sickens me. — Carolyn Burris

• This bill would have accomplished nothing. The state can’t even prosecute and enforce the current firearms laws already in place. Seventy percent of the felony gun arrests are pled down to misdemeanors, which is a slap in the face to all Delaware LEOs. — Mike Lennon

• I forget, how many bills has Townsend and his ilk brought forth to harden schools and provide tighter security? I’ll wait. Remember in the town hall they did in Middletown, he lamented people complaining about raising taxes to fund hardened schools and safety measures. Imagine that a Democrat lamenting raising people’s taxes. It’s easier to pass a feel-good law that will do nothing than to do the hard work and create something real and sustainable for these kids and future kids in these schools. — Glenn M. Cross

• Doing something that will do something now (SB 215) will cost money. Stripping gun rights is free. — Dennis Dittoe

• This is a win for everyone pro or anti gun! All amendments must be protected to maintain this country’s freedom from tyrants! — Henry Mischler

• I’m so proud of the pro 2nd Amendment movement! Now we have to run these anti-gun folks out of town. Vote Townsend and his ilk out of office! — Vernon Weaver

• It was a great day in Delaware! Thank you to the ones who honored their oath and upheld the Constitution! — Kimberley Lake

• Unless we can find something that works, we will continue to see mass shootings for years and decades to come. I am willing to listen to any idea that may prevent these mass murder. — Chuck Gebhart

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