SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Assault weapons ban

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The assault weapon ban, the most controversial gun control bill filed this year, failed to advance out of a Senate committee last week, with more than 100 people showing up for the committee hearing. Most of the attendees at that hearing were opposed to the proposal.

But Sen. Bryan Townsend, a Newark Democrat who is the main sponsor, is still trying to bring the bill before the whole Senate. Speaking Wednesday at a small rally of gun control supporters from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, he urged them to keep fighting.

• Nice try. Focus on a budget that makes sense. — Michael Pepper

• Look like Red Coats to me. — Jon Walczak

• The whole thing seems very underhanded. Your party politics seem to override school safety. Do something that protects the students and the citizens — not leave the public defenseless. — Dave Johnson

• Firearms classes are common sense! — Howard Gaines III

• How stupid! So the government tells me I have to buy health insurance and car insurance and they want to be able to tell me what guns I can and can’t buy? And who did they poll to say that 75 percent of Delaware residents support this bill? — Dean Grabowski

• I think you’re into something! Maybe people should be required to have gun insurance to own a fire arm! — Mike Johnson

• Wow six adults and four children well below voting age gets the governor and a couple senators but hundreds of constituents opposed to this legislation and the governor are nowhere to be found while Bryan Townsend runs away from a half dozen people who just wanted to speak to him. — Delaware Citizens for the 2nd Amendment

• The group pictured who is pushing their agenda on the public still doesn’t have 1,000 supporters while the page promoting Delawares 2nd Amendment rights is well over 20,000. They claim their unbiased poll of a few hundred people shows overwhelming support, while a random poll open to anyone is showing 90 percent opposition to this bill with over 2,000 voters. I’m sorry, but the numbers they’re claiming that support this bill just don’t seem to add up. — Jeff Franzen

• Keep up the be work to control guns. — Bradley Skelcher

• Give it up already. — David Jerome Moss

• Here we go again, people (well meaning) standing up asking the government to take their rights away. They may want to surrender their rights but not me. And I thought the poll results were a joke. — Bob Hice

• No one is taking your rights away. They’re just trying to prevent people who have no business owning a gun because they’re nut cases from owning a gun. — Linda Shockley

• That will really work with criminals. Go after them. — Iris Krauss

• Democrats have actually said that they want to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Also, the banned gun list they propose is over 40 different firearms. Now I ask you, what part of that will prevent someone determined to kill from doing so? Especially with any of the other thousands of firearms available. — Bob Hice

• Townsend is open to using characteristic Obama, Crooked Hillary, 2016 election tactics like suspending the rules to get what he, Carney and others are pushing. You take the murders in Wilmington and crime in the country in general, it appears they have no control now and more laws will certainly not really help and be selectively enforced as usual. — Robert Kirby

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