SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Bad for business?

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A Monday story reported that Delaware was rated the second worst state in the U.S. in terms of “small business friendliness” in a recently published study by ValuePenguin — a Manhattan-based consumer research group.

• I don’t think things are as bad as this study claims but from what I have seen, Delaware suffers from overbearing heavy-handed regulations that one would expect to find in a state being run by Democrats. I’m not going to put all the blame on Carney and his administration though because the counties are becoming a problem as well. The freedom one could have by setting up shop in Sussex versus Kent County is huge. It gets even worse in New Castle County. Having a one-stop shop for permits, rules and regulations that actually made sense, and rules that would be in line statewide would be a huge plus. — Shawn Knox

• Most people don’t realize that Delaware has a gross receipts tax of 2 percent. That is a 2 percent tax on your top line regardless of profit, loss or expenses, and then double dips again by taxing your bottom line. For those of us in actual business in Delaware, it is not a business-friendly state and just gets worse year after year! — Marc Auger

• How can the metrics be questionable but not the conclusions? — Benjamin Black

• Things that would help is start regulating the construction industry. Quit allowing out-of-state contractors to take our work. Start making it mandatory for contractors to get trade licenses. Legitimate businesses shouldn’t have to compete against out-of-state contractors or guys running a ripoff business out of the back of their trucks. So many customers complain of being conned and ripped off by unlicensed and uninsured handyman. Most states require contractors to have a trade license. Delaware is a small state with only so much to offer. Locals would thrive on what work is available if there weren’t so many out of state contractors or con men. — Gigi Boyd

• Honestly, Delaware is lacking in a lot of things. Various ratings indicate the taxpayers of Delaware get a horrible return on the taxes that they pay. The state government also ranks poorly in its fiscal health. This small business rating is not surprising. Check out such ratings on and Health care is also lacking. This is the result of years of government “leadership.” If you want better, vote differently. Twenty years of declining government performance deserves change. — Bruce Anderson

• We are small business owners. And the harassment perpetrated by the bureaucrats is off the chain. They bully and make stupid, arbitrary demands. It took three years to get a permit to build a building, to grow our business and nothing but bullying has occurred through the entire building process. The incompetence and the lackadaisical attitude has been beyond reproach.

The regulations are so excessive these agencies are on a power trip, from the signage to the demand. We plant 500 trees and shrubs to the very specific and tedious specs on asphalt! Regulations like these have cost us thousands upon thousands of extra dollars. And this happens all the time to folks like us because we’ve heard the same story from many other business owners. We need new blood in office — politicians who are business people, who actually care about the people of Delaware and who will harness these out of control agencies. Small business is the heart of the American Dream and should be treated better.

The average person in Delaware who goes to work everyday and collects a paycheck has no idea what it’s like for small business; otherwise the Dems would surely be voted out. I’m a centrist, but will be voting straight Republican and hope that Delaware goes red and pro-Delaware small business. — Beth Ann

• I agree to those findings, Delaware isn’t very small business friendly. They try and soak small business at every turn. — Arnold Maas

• I can see this. Like my “franchise”
tax for the LLC. Really? — Jessica Grill-Mallamace

• I own a small business and get absolutely nothing from the state except a tax notice. — Kevin Outten

• “As for the recent establishment of the Delaware Division of Small Business, Mr. Older has lukewarm expectations. He suspects their priorities are misguided and they haven’t sought enough feedback from the small business community.” What do you expect from an organization staffed by political appointees in a tax and spend Democrat administration. — Bob Skuse

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