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In an interview aired Thursday, President Trump said his dream candidate to run against in 2020 would be Joe Biden.

The president said Barack Obama took Mr. Biden “out of the garbage heap, and everybody was shocked that he did. I’d love to have it be Biden.”

• We need to throw creepy Biden back onto the garbage heap where he belongs. — Vernon Weaver

• Better a garbage heap than the manure pile Trump crawled from under. — Gary Greer

• You Trump haters crack me up. I can always rely on y’all for a good laugh to brighten my day. — Wille Preacher

• Biden is better than Trump. — Karen Welch

• Joe Biden was raised in the middle class and worked hard to become a lawyer and a politician. He’s a real salt of the earth-type guy. If that’s “out of the garbage heap,” then that’s a garbage heap from which I’d be proud to be. — Benjamin Black

• In what dream, is or was Biden ever better than Trump? Biden lies, plagiarizes, fabricated and manipulated. And he is still, nothing but a freeloading politician. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Anybody but Trump! — Dan Maher

• What a classless, low life thug. Joe has more class in the tip of his little toe. Biden/Kennedy, Joe/Joe 2020. — Gerry Boyle

• Trump will absolutely decimate Biden. I would love every minute of it. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Bring on Jumpin Joe Biden. He will go down against any Republican. — Bill Bailey

• President Trump 2020 — Kim Baker-Grosso

• So Delaware is now a trash heap and Trump supporters are OK with that. — Rebecca Murrell Coleman

• You don’t think parts of Delaware aren’t? That’s cute. — Chris Werner

• If we’re still listening to the crap, we haven’t learned a thing. I might just need to watch me some Jerry Springer so I can understand it. —Walter G Bruhl III

• Trump is my worst nightmare. — Lisette Gilbert Mees

• Last I checked, Joe can speak clearly, isn’t an inveterate liar and doesn’t exhibit signs of senile dementia. If he’s Trump’s “dream candidate,” that would suggest it would be more like a nightmare if it occurs. — Rob Roth

• Joe Biden would be Donnie’s worst nightmare. — Debbie Lawrie Dopman

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