Sound Off Delaware: Blue wave in Delaware

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Democrats claimed the two open statewide offices Tuesday and knocked off Treasurer Ken Simpler on Tuesday, dealing a major blow to the Republican Party.

• It’s kind of sad that reality in Delaware elections comes down to nothing more than whether a candidate identifies themselves as a Democrat (guarantees election) or some alternative party. Ideas, ideals and competency are non issues for Democrats. — Bill Anderson

• When you are the party that controls everything in government, you have no one to blame but yourselves when things go wrong. See you in two years. By the way, it’s time to dump the Republican Committee that gave us such a mediocre plate of statewide candidates to dine from. With the exception of Ken Simpler, not one of the others was worth the wasted vote. — Bob Skuse

• Why don’t Delawareans want change? Can’t people see we have so many problems here? Obesity, opioid addiction, cancer, crime, shootings, excessive regulations, high STD rates, alcoholism, unemployment. Ugh. I’m so bummed. — Beth Ann

• Because the alternative was clearly worse. The GOP needs to run a moderate candidate if they ever want to win in this state. — Mike Johnson

• So ridiculous. Ken Simpler has done a good job and deserved a second term as treasurer. (Stinks) when it looks like people voted more for party than for the candidate. — Brian P. Slattery

• Get ready, our rights will continue to be stripped away while all your hard-earned money will go straight to those here illegally. — Lisa Bell

• People voted and this was the outcome. Like people said when Trump was voted in, the country has spoken and made their choice. Why does politics have to get so ugly? Whether a person agrees or disagrees with the outcome, it doesn’t give people the right to get ignorant towards others. — Theresa Whisman-Taylor

• Not a surprise in Delaware! The do-nothing Democrats have been in control for how many years in Delaware? Poverty going up. Health care going up. If Dems are so great, we should be booming, yet we still lag behind. — Jack Jordan

• Time to move. The taxes will be going up, I guarantee it. — Chris Behrens

• Along with dumbing down our children, increasing spending, allowing more illegals, more drugs, taking away citizens’ rights etc. Can’t believe people want to make our state worse. — Freda Barrett

• As for taxes going up we have to pay for things, unlike the unfunded tax cut the Republicans just handed to the rich. — Rob Roth

• I think Delaware has become a mecca from the states the current wave of voters ran away from, the high-tax states like New York, Maryland, New Jersey. Yet they are turning Delaware into much of the same. — Mageline Michael

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