Sound Off Delaware: “Bold solutions”

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Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Eric Morrison of Newark headlined “Delaware Democrats need to enact ‘bold solutions’”

• Yeah, more taxes, the cure all for
Democrats. And a $20 minimum wage? How many jobs will that eliminate? You’ll be paying $20 for a Big Mac at McDonald’s. You’ll notice those no mention of controlling and/or reducing spending. Yeah that would never work, would it? — Susan Gunning

• You do realize that the prices at (not only) McDonald’s have gone up steadily over the past 20 years or so — and the minimum wage hasn’t gone up at all and McDonald’s IS already automating the ordering process, which I’m sure is eliminating some jobs. — Brian P. Slattery

• The minimum wage has increased. It was $5 an hour when I got my first job. — Wayne Whitby

• Fair enough but those increases haven’t kept up with the cost of living or the rate of inflation over the past few decades. — Brian P. Slattery

• No (Minimum wage increase — unskilled workers will simply be replaced by kiosks),

Yes (Tax breaks for the middle class through the implementation of additional tax brackets for wealthy),

No (legalize Marijuana – habitually smoking pot stifles ambition, kills motivation, induces lethargy, and retards social skills, and a social norm that condones recreational drug use as unobjectionable will do irreparable damage to our collective quality of life. Decriminalize possession if you must, but the commercial sale and production of weed should remain illegal),

No (Delaware End-of-Life Options Act; if a terminally ill patient wants to refuse further treatment, that’s fine, but doctors aren’t supposed to kill people – they’re supposed to heal them),

Yes (statewide property reassessment – make the fat cat pay his fair share) — John Daliani

• This op-ed and those who peddle progressivism are the reason Delaware continues to go down the toilet. — Jonathan Contant

• How so? My main objection is his minimum wage conclusions, as it just passed on to the consumer unless it’s policy for that money to come from overall profit. Also “no problems” with marijuana? I want to reduce the legal headache as much as anyone, but I think that summarizes it a bit too easily. But better wages overall, property valuation, and taxing those who are making the most profit all sounds decent. — Puller Adkins

• But capitalism and the way things are going now is so fantastic?! People need to make more money to buy things. If people cant afford to buy things, that makes the economy crumble. So as evidence the middle class is slowly disappearing and it will be rich and a poor class here — just like Mexico, Haiti and all those other poor countries. Sending jobs overseas is killing our industry because employers don’t want to pay a fair salary. It’s all greed and corruption until we start putting people in prison and enforce and change laws against corruption. It’ll never be fixed and tax evasion should be illegal. seems our government doesn’t seem to care. — Jennifer Garrison

• I worked years to earn what I make and you want minimum wage to be that? Where is our wage to compensate for this? My increase should be doubled and then some. — June Marie

• (Democrats) are what drove us out of Delaware. It used be mostly in New Castle but now Kent is getting saturated with them too. Southwest Missouri is like Delaware was when I was a boy with the exception of meth but that’s nationwide. — Bill Gray

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