SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Bump stock ban

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Gov. John Carney on Thursday signed legislation banning bump stocks and related devices that allow guns to fire faster, putting an end to the months-long saga that saw the bill passed thrice by the House and twice by the Senate.

• Won’t stop the killing. — Austin Bruno

• And does absolutely nothing to protect anyone as criminals don’t follow the law and Delaware has a bad reputation for not following through with prosecuting for the laws that already exist. Just a bunch of fluff and “look what I did” worthless mentality. — Dawn Quirk

• Another feel-good law that has no value. — Tommy Lee

• Thirty-six people need voted out. — Justin Neal Capps

• Thank you. One small step, but still. — Tamala Jones

• Worthless and stupid law. — Greg Durbin

• Guaranteed, not even half of you who are in favor of the law even know what a bump stock is. — Stephen C McNary Jr.

• Bump stocks don’t kill people. Another useless law. People kill people. They are the ones that need help. — Bill Bailey

• Ah yes, should see an immediate decline in murders here in Delaware where the bump stock has literally never killed one person. How much has this process cost taxpayers? — John Menhart

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