SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Campaign literature lift

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Monique Johns, the Democratic nominee for the 9th Representative District seat, was filmed by a security camera at a Middletown home lifting a handbill left at the door of the house by her opponent on Sunday.

“Today, I ask for the forgiveness of the residents of the 9th Representative District. I made a mistake,” Ms. Johns said in a statement Monday. “I removed the literature of my opponent’s campaign from the door of a voter. It was wrong and I should never have done it.”

• I gotta say however, that this is probably the most straightforward apology I’ve heard made from a public figure in a long time. Usually, an “apology” is watered-down with ‘“buts” and “extenuating circumstances” all designed to reduce their amount of personal responsibility. In an unplanned-for way, this candidate’s immediate attempt to acknowledge and ask forgiveness for her actions has inadvertently exposed another side that should be considered personal integrity.

• I thought the same thing after reading her apology. — Beth Pomper Kidd

• She apologized because she was caught on camera, not because she has integrity. — Tamra Price-Callaway

•This activity is just another part of the Democrats’ playbook — disrupt the opponent’s campaign effort. Yet, Delawareans continue to elect and re-elect these minor hoodlums who, in the absence of constructive ideas and proposals, want to occupy positions of power over the masses. Vote for Republicans this year! — Bill Anderson

• Too late! Tried of all this hate going around and being shown by the Democrats. Hopefully others feel the same. Let’s have peace again. Quit the back stabbing! — Donna Faries

While I agree that what Ms Jones did was wrong, I can’t help but point out that a man who was caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women was elected president. So before anyone starts pointing fingers at all Democrats, Republicans should take a good long hard look at yourself if you voted for Trump and continue to support him after our weekly scandal our country has had to face because of his lack of morals. — Cara Taglieber

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