Sound Off Delaware: Carbon fee

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A recent letter to the editor argues that a carbon fee is necessary to curb the effects of climate change.

• Sure, why not? Make it harder on low-income people to get around when you put fees on oil and gas. After all, let them walk, right? And heat? They dont need heat. The climate has changed since beginning of the earth. Otherwise Delaware would still have a tropical climate. — Alex Fowler

• Cool, so let’s raise taxes like Macron in France did. Squeezing the poor and middle class to see if we can also cause riots. — Bob Beckman

• See France, end of story. Once the government collects a tax you will never see a penny as that will be spent in some other area. — John Hough

• How’s that working out for China? — Faye Z. Wing

• And India! — Howard Gaines III

• Just one problem. There is no manmade CO2-caused global warming. It’s the sun and solar cycles. We were in a solar maximum which made it warmer but now we’re in a super grand solar minimum and global temperatures have been dropping for two years and we’ve had worldwide record-breaking cold snow and ice. — Scott Berry

• Global warming is not manmade. Only wackjobs believe it is. — John Greene

• A carbon fee will do nothing other than make the scammers wealthier. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Climate changes. That is what it does. And it is egotistical of man to think we have the ability, outside of nuclear war, to affect it on a planetary scale. Do you have any idea what the pollution batteries in electric cars cause when you dispose of them? Or better yet, the children they are using in the cobalt mines to make those batteries? Birds killed by wind turbines? The fact is, no matter what you choose, they all have their drawbacks. Takes electricity to make everything. And how you generate takes something else and to make those, takes something else. It’s a hypocritical circle. You’ve been taken in by a lie. The world was going to be flooded in 2012, whoops. Every bit of it. We’ve been had. — Steel Ovaries

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