Sound Off Delaware: Carney at the half

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In a Sunday article looking at Gov. John C. Carney two years into his term, he was quoted as saying he believes he has achieved a number of significant accomplishments.

“The way I look at it is we did what I told people we would do when I ran for election, and that’s the thing that I’m proudest about,” he said

• Yeah he and his fellow Dems accomplished to raise and create taxes alright. — Jon Walczak

• He also pretends to be a Democrat when it suits him. — Rob Roth

• But you haven’t done what the people of Delaware have asked you to do. Instead you’ve done what you’ve wanted to do. So you’ve accomplished nothing. — Wille Preacher

• You haters aren’t worth wasting time with. He raised a small tax on some upper/middle classes, and a cigarette tax. — JJ McGlothlin Jr.

• I see John Carney as dull, disengaged, servile to big business, and basically a Republican in his approaches. Not at all what Delaware needs. — Alan Muller

• “But to put both issues on Gov. Carney is to ignore that he inherited them. The situation in the state’s prisons in particular had been brewing for years due to understaffing and, according to an October lawsuit, inmates being kept in “inhumane conditions”.”

Let’s not forget that the good governor has been part of state government for decades and did nothing about either issue and in fact was part of the administration that ignored the report they commissioned after the last big uprising when he was lieutenant governor. — Bob Skuse

• The plight of the officers working the prisons has not improved. They are doing more and more to coddle the inmates and demonize any officer who looks at one cross-eyed. Violent inmates need only claim mental health issues and instead of being punished for misbehavior or violence they are whisked away to the mental health buildings for coffee, donuts and coloring pages.

An entire state full of Democrats being played by the dregs of society. People who contribute nothing, nada, zero to society and can’t wait to get out and take from law-abiding citizens. — Steel Ovaries

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