SOUND OFF DELAWARE: Carper at issue

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Readers reacted to a recent letter by Peter Schott supporting U.S. Sen. Thomas Carper’s re-election bid.

• Carper has for decades inhabited the extreme right wing of the “Democratic Party.” He sells his services to whatever big-business interests are on the rise at any one time, while thumbing his nose at the voters. Barf. — Alan Muller

• Once you get to the point of only supporting right-wing “Democrats,” it’s time to admit that you are no longer the “unabashed progressive” that you (reportedly) used to be. Guessing how other people are going to vote and then basing your own decision on that is a fool’s errand. — Claire Snyder-Hall

• With respect, Mr. Schott, most of Sussex and much of Kent County voted for President Trump and if the voters there have swallowed the Trump/Tea Party cool-aid, they will not be voting for Carper. They think the ripping-off of American is just fine.

I want someone who has true progressive values and will champion policies that will help all working Americans, like health care for all, support for lower-cost post-secodary education, and sensible tax polices that are not giveaways to large corporations and the rich. Sen. Carper is too much the senator from Big Pharma and the banking industry, and I’ll be voting for Kerri Evelyn Harris. — John McCarthy

• I just want someone to work to bring better paying jobs to Delaware. Manufacturing and the banking sector have left New Castle County and wages have been in decline for the last 10 years. Seems the only economic strategy Delaware has is get wealthy seniors to retire here and tourists to spend their money. Young people are leaving because of a lack of decent employment opportunities and exorbitant housing costs. Whoever gets elected please work to reverse Delaware’s steep decline. — Brandon Lewis

• I am a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Sen. Carper along with his partner voted to reduce the pensions of veterans. — Bob Hice

• But let’s not forget that Paul Ryan cooked up the cut I think you are refering to Mr Hice. And it really is a reduction in the cost of living fomula, not a cut to existing benefits. — John McCarthy

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