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Data from the Federal Election Commission indicates U.S. Sen. Tom Carper, a Democrat seeking his fourth term, listed $1.29 million on hand as of June 30 — far more than any other Delaware candidate this year.

• Step down and allow for the younger generation to hopefully make a difference. Delaware needs young ideas, energy, and vision to take this state into the 21st century. — Diane Duerr Partridge

• Need the money out of politics and term limits. — Silas Stephan

• What good is money if nobody will vote for you again? — Don J Arvay

• To all residents of the state of Delaware. I don’t care how much money the Democrats have. Please vote these people out. Tell your friends and neighbors to vote Republican. These Democrats need to go! — Don Cain

• Of course he has “tons of cash.” He is beholding to the big drug companies and banks. Most of his cash stash comes from PACs and “outside of Delaware” interests. — Bob Skuse

• Going to need the cash if he’s running on “Hate Trump and resist.” — Bob Hice

• He has so much cash because he’s being supported by outside entities whom have him in their collective pockets. Re-elect no one! — B.K. Smith

• Only ads I’ve heard from Carper are ones bashing the president. Nothing about his opponent. — Brian Parton

• Not going to matter. We are going red. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

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