Sound Off Delaware: Casino open on Christmas

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For the first time since Delaware approved slot machines in 1994 you can legally gamble on Christmas.

Included in the casino relief bill approved at the end of June was a little-noticed provision allowing Delaware’s three casinos to operate on Christmas and Easter.

• Sad that one would want to gamble on a holiday such as Christmas. Personally I’d rather be with family. — Dan Maher

• Maybe they don’t have family — Richard Damron

• Maybe it’s non-Christian people? Just like Chinese restaurants make a killing on certain days because everything else is closed? — Melissa Epperly

• Sad that people will have to work that day that might want to spend it with family. — Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

• No one should go. Your workers should have this day to be with family or to just relax. Shame on you. — Juan A. Saez

• Why is it that some people believe all are Christians? — Kevin McCarthy

• I hope they do not require people to work on Christmas Day and that all employees that are working volunteered to do so. — John Buchheit

• Working on Christmas Day should be voluntary if they want to open! And I also hope like hell that our “employees” (the elected officials we hired to do a job…a job I would fire them from if I had the power) give our veteran organizations, the same percentage break they gave the casinos. I think they need it more than business like casinos. For those that don’t know, about five years ago, the state decided to take 45 percent from the VFWs and Legions video machines. They also took that from casinos until this January when they reduced it to 25 percent to help them out. But not the VFWs and Legions!! Nope, they still have to pay 45 percent !! And now they can’t afford to help veterans in need or put a roof on their buildings and other maintenance. They are being forced to sell off assets to cover their expenses! This should infuriate every single one of you! And if it does, I suggest calling, emailing and writing your “employees” to tell them that! — Judy Malin Mangini

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