Sound Off Delaware: Climate change

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Climate change is a threat to national security.”

•Except there is no man-made global warming. Solar cycles are the primary driver of climate. We were in a maximum and it got warmer (but not as warm as the Minoan, Roman, or Medieval warm cycles) but now we are in a Grand Solar Minimum, similar to or worse than the Maunder Minimum Little Ice Age. NASA’s global temperature data shows the last two years cooled with 2017 only third warmest and 2018 only 6th warmest.

Compare NASA’s global temperature reconstruction from that cycle to what’s happening now and you’ll see Alaska and Greenland were warmer and North America, Europe, North Africa and Russia were cooler. — Scott Berry

•Natural, cyclic forces are only part of a much bigger issue using a common sense approach for comparative purposes. The key point is that the natural cycles theory does not take into account or minimizes recent (in geologic terms) anthropogenic activities, and how they may enhance or dampen the effects of those natural cycles. — Dan Fluman

• If not now, it will be, and as such any national emergency declarations by this president for a border wall will no doubt provide precedence for the next president to declare his or her own, including a national emergency for climate change, so watch what you wish for haters? — Susan Janis

• Delaware needs to spend more money on Science education. — Bradley Skelcher

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