Sound Off Delaware: Coast Guard and federal shutdown

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On her Facebook page Friday, Delaware U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester posted the following: “The #TrumpShutdown hurts hardworking families, including Delaware’s men and women serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. We need to come together and end the deadlock so that no military family enters the new year wondering when their next paycheck will come.” Here are some responses from her constituents:

• Coast Guard family here. Thank you for sharing this. Please help our 42,000 members, most living paycheck to paycheck! My husband and I are both Delaware residents residing in Hawaii where he is stationed. We currently have very minimum resources other than a few local food pantries and our bank is doing hard pulls on our credit in order to give us a low-interest loan on my husbands paycheck. Many families do not qualify for these loans as a credit score of 760 or above is required. Please advocate for us. — Kelly Loeffler

• To anyone blaming the president,. Let’s be clear though, Trump has been the best military president in 100 years. If Congress has authorized the military be paid during the shutdown he would have signed it, but they decided to play politics and go on vacation. Remember this the next time Democrats and Rhinos want your vote. — Marc Underkoffler

• Why don’t you vote for the money needed for the wall? Another idea – give your salary to Delaware-based USCG employees? — Susan Moore

• Trump promised Mexico was going to pay for this useless wall. Why don’t you hold him accountable for that? — Beth Boose

• Maybe you can get Nancy (Pelosi) to come back from her Hawaiian vacation. She doesn’t seem very concerned. — Mary Linthicum

• Agreed Mary, doesn’t seem she cares about anyone but herself. Hypocritical Democrats are what is keeping our Country one flush from the drain. — Kate Sibley

• Y’all do realize that right now the Republicans control everything. If they wanted a wall, they’d get one.

• It’s a bipartisan shutdown, and all elected representatives should acknowledge their complicity. — Dave Johnson

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