Sound Off Delaware: Coast Guard and shutdown

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On her Facebook page Friday, Delaware U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester posted the following: “The #TrumpShutdown hurts hardworking families, including Delaware’s men and women serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. We need to come together and end the deadlock so that no military family enters the new year wondering when their next paycheck will come.” Here are some responses from her constituents:

• You, and all politicians, regardless of what side you represent (meaning Dem/Rep), have had the opportunity to ensure all essential Government employees get paid during a shutdown. You failed to ensure their pay continued. The Coast Guard and other Homeland Security personnel are working right now without pay. Every federal law enforcement officer is working right now without pay. They all have no choice. Thank you for your support while you relax at home and continue to receive your pay. — Craig Doughty

• PLEASE don’t cave and vote for that stupid wall that the petulant bully is trying to force on the country. — Polly D. Steenhagen

• Dave Johnson at one point BEFORE the shutdown, all parties and representatives had come together and agreed on a figure and budget but Trump didn’t approve because it wasn’t the full $5 billion and he has said he won’t accept anything less. — Tiffany Myers

• We are an active duty Coast Guard family. My children’s father has worked non-stop since the majority of his staff have been furloughed! They need to come to a resolution! — Alexis Maria Wilson

• Think about the irony here Lisa!! You’re mad the men and women guarding our coast/water border, tasked with interdicting illegal traffic of persons and contraband from entering our country because the democrats won’t approve a funding bill that pays for a device that is to supplement the job of the men and women guarding our border. — Erik Johannsen

• I don’t think it’s fair that some government personnel get paid but the rest don’t all personnel with no exceptions need to not get paid. — Kenneth Anderson

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